Using paint to create different environments

We always say that the walls are part of the decor of your home. These may be neutral for a classic or minimalist , or be filled with color according to the latest trends.

However, the painting becomes a great ally when it comes to gain distance , highlight furniture or pictures, give a new image, and so on. Learn how you can use in your favor colors and painting techniques .

The painting changes the perception of space. A lighter color than the wall will appear higher, and conversely, a dark, come down, like if you finish painting the wall a few inches before they reach the ceiling and paint a strip like this.

Generally, the intense colors reduce the space because they bring the walls, and extend it because clear away. But if you want to gain depth, do not hesitate to paint a wall much darker than the others.

The wood and ceramics can change color with special paints for floors in these materials. Note that by reflecting light, a clear floor space and will illuminate the feeling of spaciousness. To widen visually combines a dark floor with walls and ceiling light. You can also do as a carpet, to highlight and deliminar a given area.

Paint the wall with wide stripes, single color or multiple coordinated (best on a white background to avoid overloading), create dynamic environments, with personality and character.

Alternating contrasting colors or subtle changes in tone, stripes change a plain and boring wall. Narrow painting is advisable to raise the roof, wide, horizontal, light colors, to widen the space, and narrow and bright colors to visually fill a passageway empty ( the hall , for example).

Highlight architectural features

Especially in environments with several unique spaces. You can paint the pillars, beams, fireplaces, stairs, etc.., A color that contrasts with the walls, so that you help visually separate the zones.

If you paint the walls the same color all but one (even if you paint only one stripe), call attention to it, enhancing the whole area around it. You can do the headboard wall in the kitchen, the wall received or sofa in the living room.